Are you happy? Are you happy most of the time or just once in a while? 

I am so extremely grateful for what I have got. So why do I sometimes give up and get so extremely tired? Do you recognise the feeling? Most of us are quite pleased with what we have but most of us are still not happy. Research in this area shows that happiness is like a bump on the road. 

We win the lottery, get married or get a salary raise and in three months or maximum two years we are back on our normal level of happiness. Strange isn't it? Especially since most of us spend a lot of time dreaming about meeting the “right” partner, winning the lottery or getting extremely rich from a great business deal, moving to a house on a white sandy beach, buying a hotel, living in a castle with a wine yard in France, retire and buy a dog, etc. Most people I know dream of another, better life. 

Research also shows that if people suffer from illness or get handicapped their level of happiness is in most cases restored after a couple of months or a couple of years. They are just as happy again even though their health is no better.

Content and happiness does not differ between extremely wealthy people and people leading extremely simple lives and it does not differ between healthy and sick people. Discouraging facts? Well not really since you now know that you will continue to be reasonably happy even if you don’t manage to win the lottery. And there is other research showing that you can increase your personal level of happiness so that your bump on the road becomes more like a step on a staircase. Sounds interesting? 

  • The best way to be happier is to enjoy the ride towards your goals! 
  • Happiness is the combination of enjoying what you have today and looking forward to what you will receive tomorrow.
  • What you value most will make you happy so what do you value most?