Attitude! Molly 95

Does attitude impact your life? Even if a lot of research show that - many still argue against it. I am though convinced that attitude impact everything but I am also well aware that attitude is not always easy to change. Mainly due to our resistance - we don’t want to change our attitude!

I would like to positively impact everybody’s attitude and as many of you know I always look for role models. I need them as my own reminders and as stories to tell. A few weeks ago I met Molly 95. She has faced many challenges in her life. She has lost children and has for many years taken care of a child with a serious mental condition. What a woman!! I believe she is one of the most positive, constructive, curious and learning persons I have ever met. When she talks about her daily life it sounds like a person under 30! She lives a busy life and loves to take a drink with her daughters and some of their family and friends on Friday evenings and always takes the opportunity to take the happy hour drinks with her neighbours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays she sees one of her daughters and one of the other evenings the other daughter stays over. In feels like an energy field around her. And she has a really positive attitude toward life every day!

Many of my friends half her age don’t want to drive in Stockholm! Molly is sorry that her daughters don’t want her to drive any more due to the very hectic traffic in the San Fransisco area.

What can we learn from Molly? A lot but I will only mention a few things so I have a reason to write about her again later on.

  • When someone suggests something nice even if it’s a late night activity we should say YES! Molly always does.
  • When someone suggests a change in our life we should say YES or at least not NO! Molly just moved closer to her daughters but of course have to make new friends leaving many of the old friends behind. We often don’t accept some negative consequences of a decision even if the decision primarily would lead to good things.

Let us all go “Molly” during November!

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