Pass the hurdle!

I have lately taken two projects as far as I can and have handed them over to others for action or respons. While I am waiting, I am not very good at waiting, I started a new project, a new book.

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling before I start! I can see and feel what I will achieve. It’s so clear in my mind. Fantastic feeling and I can wait to put it in writing! What happens? I almost drown in details and lack of structure.

Do I have a clear goal? Oh yes, check on that important factor.

Do I know why I do it? Oh yes, I have discovered an area that is in great need of my knowledge and since writing is easy for me I can’t find a better way than to write a book about it.

Am I a structured person? Do I find it easy to structure masses of data, material and steps? Oh yes! Any person that has ever worked with me will confirm that.

And anyway I find myself shuffling text from one place to another and back again. I find my main theme, and lose it again, find it, doubt it, lose it and find it again.

What is the message with this messy blog? Pass the hurdle! Don’t give up. Continue to shuffle things around until the best structure turns up. And be prepared to change it again when you come up with better ideas. The best way to solve your problem is to “just keep swimming”.

I have succeeded with loads of big projects so I never get scared by the feeling when I lose touch of ground since I know I will soon be back on track again and the track will be even better than the one I started with.

  • Set your goal!
  • Clarify your why!
  • Set a structure - anything you come up with is good enough to start with!
  • Keep swimming!
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