Bad boss?

Do you have problems with your employees? With productivity? Or maybe with your boss? 

But you might not be sure of what is going on?

Here you will find a method for reducing motivation and productivity. Why would you want to have such a recipe? Sometimes an alternative perspective makes you see the situation much clearer and thereby find solutions. When you intensively try to find the positive angle and a solution you might get stuck. And if you have failed as a leader, this might make you realize that it could be much worse.

If you wonder if this has anything at all to do with a real business case, I, unfortunately, have to inform you that I have seen it, and it was actually even worse.

  • Make sure that the managers get salary increases and improved benefits, at the same time as you minimize salary increases for the other employees, and take away some of the benefits they used to have.

  • Don’t inform about any crucial things going on in the organization. But make sure to whisper loud enough in the corridors, so they know everything – unofficially.

  • Micromanage! Make sure the vision is fuzzy, the goals are unclear, but criticize details in every delivery. That way the employees have little or no possibility of doing it right.

Tada! You have managed to get an unproductive and demotivated organization!

I guess that is not what you wanted to achieve, so start doing the opposite!