Happy New Year Dreams!

This is the first blog I publish on my new website. It’s still under construction so please give me your suggestions for improvement! I have transferred some of the blogs from www.blogg.ybj.se to the new blog.

How do you feel about 2017 now when it is about to end? Was it your best year? Or do you look forward to 2018? I admit I will miss parts of 2017 but not all of it. I have had some experiences that have been among the best of my life. I have traveled to Thailand and Cambodia with my youngest daughter and published a book about the amazing trip to Angkor Wat and the most fantastic islands. I also traveled to Bosnia, Croatia, and Venice with her and will soon publish a book about that gorgeous journey too. I have also published “Leadership & Wisdom – How to Motivate Yourself and Others,” and the Swedish e-book “Ledarskap & Klokskap – konsten att få dig själv och andra att vilja.” Seen in this perspective, it was a good year. As a finale, I had family, relatives, and friends for one of the most loving Christmases ever although I am rather tired of food and doing dishes now it is over, and I will miss it. One of the major findings of most research is that it's when you work hard and manage to accomplish what you intended you are happiest. I choose to not focus on the less good things but let's summarise it with "a lot of work for too little money" so the wish for 2018 is that I get more money. I am who I am so I will continue to work as hard as I always have.

How will you and I make our dreams for 2018 come through? I suggest a few simple steps that I will take:

  1. Make a wishlist. Don't aim to be realistic. Be crazy and dream big! In big dreams, you will find a pattern that shows what you love doing. You are always better at what you love so the success potential is much greater when you do what you love.
  2. Make a vision board with pictures that visualize your dreams. Keep it where you see it often. It will make your brain look for opportunities that support your dreams. You have a very cooperative brain so make sure you tell it what to do for you. 
  3. Set clear goals that are in line with your dream so you always can see the contours of your dreams when you work to reach your more, but hopefully not too, realistic goals. Dare to aim high also when setting goals!
  4. Take the first step towards your goals, and your dreams, immediately. No matter how small step you take you have started the journey. 
  5. Celebrate every progress you make! If not with Champagne due to health goals, celebrate with whatever you appreciate. Yoga, sauna, or maybe a good book.

I look forward to following your journey through 2018 and am always here to support you.

Happy New Year!

This picture is from a New Years Eve with my daughters in Samara, Costa Rica

This picture is from a New Years Eve with my daughters in Samara, Costa Rica