Have fun and increase your intelligence!

Sometimes you need verification that you are doing some things right! I am so sure, sometimes tiring sure, that some of the things I do are good for me and others. My family and friends might get tired of me always trying to convince them about the importance of exercising, reading and meditation. It felt so good yesterday when I read an interesting scientific article that agreed with me! Now I might make family and friends ever more tired because now I know I am right! Ok, you can probably find articles that argue against me, but right now I decide what to write. But as usual, I look forward to countering arguments or, even better, hear that you agree with me ….. 

7 things you should consider doing if you want to increase (or keep) your intelligence: 

Learn to play an instrument - I know I have wanted to learn how to play the flute since I was a child. Is the time to start now? 

Sports - actually this is my challenge. I exercise, but I don't do sports. The benefit from sports is that it increases the ability to handle abstract ideas and complex data. I suddenly realize that I can start golfing again! 

Meditate regularly - check for me. I do it most days when I come home after work. I start my days with yoga and reboot my brain in the afternoon with meditation. Stress and worries keep us from concentrating and learn new skills. Meditation helps you to shut out irrelevant thoughts and improve your ability to learn new things. 

Games and play - this part is fun! Crosswords, Sudoku, and building lego are examples of excellent exercise for your brain. Become smarter by playing!! Can't get much better... 

Exercise! Improved blood circulation increases your brain's ability to function. And since it's good for the rest of you too I can't find reasons not to exercise. 


Read books! Here we go.... you become better at handling and storing information and improve your language. You learn new things while you have great moments in the sun or your favorite chair. I just loved this article!! 

Learn a new language - Duolingo check! I am now 42 % fluent in Spanish and will definitely take on more languages. A study of 800 persons from 1947 to 2008 showed that learning grammar and new words sharpen intelligence and reduce the risk of dementia later in life. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, start having, even more, fun while you increase your intelligence and reduce the risk of dementia! 

I look forward to hearing about your progress!