Denial is a good way to stay positive but also a perfect way to miss the early signs that you are facing a challenge. Early action will lead to better result faster in the vast majority of cases. So here is a fast track to handle challenges, changes and to succeed with improvements. 

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Face facts! Skip denial when you face challenges - recognize, accept and act as fast as you can. It’s always better to catch and treat problems early! You can still keep a positive attitude. It’s actually much better since that will keep you focused on the solution instead of the problem.

Stay calm - don’t panic! When you stay calm you think clearly and act rationally.

Focus on what you are good at and can improve and quit some of the things that take time and sucks energy. Dare to leave a job or an assignment - trust your instinct!

Believe you are better than you are! When you believe you can run maximum 5 kilometres you won’t ever run more but if you believe you won’t have any problems running a marathon you will definitely be able to run at least 10 kilometres. It’s just the way it works. The lower your expectations are - the less you will achieve! Tell your brain that there are no limits and it won’t show you any.

Plan ahead! Be prepared to act on coming challenges. Don’t get caught with your pants down - definitely not if you are the one in charge. You need to be prepared and act before your staff gets worried.

Work hard! Activity will make you happier that being lazy and it will get you closer to your goal faster that if you relax on the sofa. Happy from working hard + happy for reaching your goal = win-win!

Have fun! You will have a much nicer ride with a smile! Everything you do gets easier if you decide to enjoy it!

  • Be prepared and positive!

  • Believe in yourself!

  • Have fun!