Let go - dare to live your dreams!

One evening this week I had an interesting discussion with people from different businesses. Why don’t we live our dreams? It’s sad that people often regret not having lived their dreams when life is about to end. We all agreed that life is here and now and too short not to live our dreams . A “failure” is much better that not having tried. So what is holding us back? Do you want to have your own horse, go mountain climbing, move to the countryside, learn to dive or run a marathon? When I ask people why they don’t quit their job, set up a company, move houses, go for a health challenge or leave their partner a common respons is “that’s easy for you to say”. And then they come up with many more or less creative reasons - or excuses - for not living their dreams. “I can’t afford it”, “I will lose my pension”, “If I fail I will not find a new job”, “I don’t have enough energy”, “I will be alone for the rest of my life” etc. Most excuses are related to security! Security can never be measured or viewed objectively it’s always a personal assessment. You decide when you feel secure enough. The more time you spend outside your comfort zone the less security you will need.

Dreams are never fulfilled inside your comfort zone!

So is it easier for me than for others? Of course not. I have left well paid jobs with no parachute for dreams that did not work out and for dreams that worked out ok. And I am not done living my dreams. I am always prepared to work hard to do what I love and I enjoy the ride. Follow me and you will find out!

So why should you live your dreams? Small dreams are still dreams! There is no such thing as security! You might live in a bunker with supplies for the rest of your life but not even then can you be totally secure. You might turn ill or misjudge your need of supplies or find out security without challenges is worth nothing. Things are changing so fast! There are no jobs you can be sure to keep the rest of your life. Pensions are suddenly worth nothing and your partner might decide to leave you. When you start to take small steps outside your comfort zone you will soon dare to take more and bigger steps! Dare to dream, dare to take that first small step to live your dreams and you will increase your level of security when you are more in control of your own security.

When you are prepared to live and work outside your comfort zone you will be able to take on the challenges that come your way, suddenly everything is possible and to lose a job or a partner is just another possibility in life.

See you outside our comfort zones!

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