Gratitude and patience

Today I feel grateful for what I have - a fantastic family, great friends, a great brain, good health, a beautiful home and that I am positive, creative and supportive. There is more to be grateful for but this will do for now.

If you are tired of people telling you about their fantastic lives it might be good to bear in mind that talking or writing about bad things is a good way to tell your brain how bad things are and that does not help you to get through your challenges. If your brain believes that things are going your way it will continue to find solutions and new routes to get you back on track and that is where you want to be! So be kind and supportive even if you realise that your friends are not being “realistic”.

So if some part of you knows things are not going well? How do you stay motivated? It ain’t easy that’s sure but are there any alternatives? I would say no. If you do nothing you will be dragged along the wrong path. But gratitude and patience will get you through and back on track!

  • Always try hard to find something, however small, to be grateful for in every situation; family, friends, sunshine, a walk, flowers or a good book. Any problem seems smaller as soon as you are a bit happier.
  • Be patient. Continue to go step by step, however small, in the direction you want to go. Think and say uplifting and motivating things to yourself and you will get there!

The last couple of years were not easy. I made a decision to give! I was fortunate to having learnt a lot about how to motivate myself and others and decided to write a book and blog about it. My goal was to improve people’s private life and to improve leadership in companies and organisations. So I spent plenty of time and money to write, edit and publish my book “Leadership and wisdom - how to motivate yourself and others”. I have celebrated every step of the way - the Swedish book, the Swedish E-book and finally the American book and E-book.

So what is the result this far? I learnt a lot as I wrote in my last blog but did I manage to sell many books? Did I get any reviews? The answer is no. I know I did not do enough marketing and the things I have done were obviously not the right things so I don’t blame anybody else. But have I given up? Absolutely not! I continue to write new books. I keep tweeting, blogging and being active on Instagram. I am still convinced that “it will be alright in the end and if it’s not alright it’s not the end” (from Hotel Marigold).

blogg (3).jpg

So I will continue to be grateful for everything I have and keep giving. I hope you will too and if you need an uplifting word or a piece of advice you know where to find me. My next book series will be #motheranddaughter #travelling but I am also working on several books about #projects #leadership and #change. I am just not sure about the best next step to take. If you have any tips for me I would really appreciate if you contacted me.

Get yourself going and keep smiling! Make this ride a good one!