The world is changing - so what?

If you read some of the books and articles I do you know how rapidly the world is changing even though you might not want to admit it. I choose to discuss the #changing world from a business and technological perspective. There are plenty of less good changes in the environment and politics that I leave for those who are better suited to write and talk about.

The last two weeks I have listened to leaders of big #financial companies as well as young global #leaders and just finished reading “The industries of the future” by Alec Ross. My summary is that the big traditional companies in the financial industry say “yes the world is changing but it will not affect us very much”. I am not that sure!

Alec Ross says that the major reason for Google not running it’s own superior bank is current regulations. Will regulations change? Looking back they definitely have so why shouldn’t they continue to change? Will there be new and totally different business opportunities in the future even in the financial industry? Definitely - we just don’t know exactly which.

I don’t blame people in good positions with high salary and nice benefits looking forward to a good pension resisting change. If they make changes and fail they might get fired and lose their nice benefits. So they’re probably (personally) better off just sitting still and hope their competitors will do the same.

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But if you are the #leader of such a company or a shareholder you need to admit that we will see robotics and other technological innovations in most areas where we have been doing so called “intelligent and qualified work” like financial analysis and project administration. Even legal work and implementation of regulations is mainly reading and analyzing data which artificial intelligence will do better than humans - very soon. We cannot resist #change it will happen even if we continue to say “The world is changing - but I am not”. Such a negative blog! Not at all. I love change and what would our lives be like if we would know exactly what tomorrow will bring us? Boring! We would soon lose our drive to get up in the morning to pursue the day. We need a bit of surprise in our lives and the world IS changing. The only thing you need to do is to be more changeable!

  • See change as something interesting that you will find new, maybe a bit challenging, ways through!
  • Be here and now and look forward to the future! It will come anyway so why not look forward to it?
  • Don’t ever say “it was better before” (you might have been better before) and try hard to avoid thinking it.

As always I am here to answer any questions you might have. And if you don’t agree with me I am happy to listen to your arguments!