Do you have what it takes?

Do you dream about making a big change in life? Maybe you think about selling everything you have and move to another country? Or you want to quit your administrative job and start a gardening firm? Or move to the country, to a lonely house in the forest by a lake or maybe in a small village where you can keep chicken, grow vegetables and perhaps even have a couple of sheep? Or your plans might be bigger - to work hard, make a fortune and buy an island or a jet? Most people I know have a dream or two that they nourish but most don't do much to realize them. Do you have what it takes to make your dream come true? Or do you even want it to become a reality? 

When you dream about moving to Thailand and live in a warm and friendly place you might realize that you would be rather bored after a few weeks not doing much more than reading, sunbathing and drinking beer. I sometimes dream about moving to the country house, by the lake, in the small village with the astonishing landscape. Do I have what it takes to make the change? I am not so sure.

I have a friend that made the change to totally change jobs, from being a successful IT Project Leader to gardening. Was it easy? I know it wasn't. She is now very successful and happy with her gardening business. Of course she had to work really hard and she did it with a fantastic smile. I know many that would have given up after a few months of pro bono work, worry, bills and no money. Now people might believe her change was easy - when the job is done you can no longer see the sweat.

I set up my own business many years ago. I quit a very well paid job, during a deep recession, with a baby daughter, no money and a big expensive house. How did I think? Actually I did not go “to” a business I went “from” a company I didn’t like to stay in and a very good friend came up with the suggestion. Many other friends tried to talk me out of it and pointed out all the risks. Well my business went well and after a few years I got comments like “it’s easy for you to run a business with your education and contacts”. I had what it took and I was willing to take the risk. But am I now? What is the dream that I am prepared to take the same risks for? 

You might, as I do, have dreams that continue to be “under development” year after year. Maybe you dream of the perfect combination of intellectual stimulation, big challenges, many new contacts in an international environment in a perfectly peaceful country village…. Do you have what it takes to make a dream come true or are you more the kind that dream about winning the lottery but never buy a lottery ticket?