What should your story tell about you? What is the result you should get from your private story and your business story? Whose story should you tell and who should tell yours?

I attend many seminars and lectures and I always take notes. Sometimes I note what they say and other times I note what the speaker makes me realize. Today I found these notes.

  1. Your story should strengthen your identity.

  2. Do something others want to talk about.

  3. Other people should deliver your story.

  4. How can you fascinate your environment?

  5. Be honest, humble and transparent.

  6. Be the most daring!

  7. Passion is key! Everything else can be copied.

  8. Work hard and be nice to people!

I know I tend to give up at number 2, get back on track at number 5, become too scared at number 6 but be totally committed on 7-8.

Remember that the value when someone else tells your story is so much greater than when you tell it yourself so whose story can you tell today?