Lazy or mindful or?

I suddenly realized it was several weeks since my last blog! That has not happened since I started my blog. So have I given up, been lazy or been practicing mindfulness? The truth is neither, but for some reason, I have not prioritized the blog. Why not? I might be because the blog has not yet reached enough readers. Or that the weather has been too good?

What have I been doing the last weeks? I have had 4 mayor priorities:

  1. My book “Leadership & Wisdom - how to motivate yourself and others” 
  2. My elderly relatives
  3. My family
  4. The small wonders of life and myself

The title of the American version of my book is still not decided, but the editing is almost finished so I can proceed and hopefully get it published soon. Like every author, I hate being edited so that process is sucking energy even if I know it is necessary and my editor is fantastic.

The elderly relatives are not here for that much longer so the time spent with mother 82, father in law 88 and aunt Very 90 feels like the right priority. We have traveled around with them visiting old friends, eating good lunches and looking at churches.

I have had a fantastic trip to see the midnight sun with my mother and my daughters. We have had a lot of time together during that week which is rare in our busy lives! I also spent 4 days with my teenage daughter swimming, picking berries, chasing pokémons and relaxing in our garden house! If you know teenagers, you know how glad I am to have had time to really socialize with her. I have also had more time with my other daughter than in years, and we had great talks about everything. Invaluable! Not to mention having carried out several projects on our houses with the man of my life. That cannot be regarded as less than great priority.


The small wonders of life have gotten more attention from me than in many years. I have been swimming, eating all kind of berries, having ice-cream in the sun, doing my morning yoga and relaxing. Why do I include myself in the small wonders of life? Since without “me” there are now small wonders in life that I can see. Most of us spend too little time on what we need and really want to do. If you think about how valuable your health is and how you tend not to prioritize it - if you are totally honest - you have the chance to “redecide” your priorities.