Holidays are over?

Now holidays might be over for you and hopefully you are in such a good shape that you are prepared to move out of your comfort zone!

When you are back in business again after a couple of weeks off your problems and projects have probably also taken a holiday. Status is just as you left it or worse. If you feel relaxed you might like to stay in your comfort zone and not ask so many questions regarding progress and expected results. Rethink! Do the opposite. People are happier when they really stretch and accomplish more than themselves and others expected they could manage. 

A safe way to fail with your projects or other activities you perform to cope with the inevitable change that does not take a holiday is to set up a conventional project, make plans and hold extensive meetings. The more documentation you produce in form of reports and templates the better result? Nope! Projects succeed when the goals are clear and the project members are motivated. 

Get out of your comfort zone now when you hopefully are well rested and have gotten some new ideas from different surroundings or from meeting different people. I know I have spent time discussing questions I before this summer didn’t even know existed. I have learned that people I never expected (I know - prejudice) use their spare time to produce ceramics in forms I wouldn't dare to show at home. 

Skip the massive project plan! No research has shown that a detailed project plan presented in several different ways will lead to an outcome that will positively surprise you. The classic project models will lead to some results but the time and cost will be extensive. Time and money spent often end up 2-4 times higher than expected.

Make an alternative plan or if you are higher up on the ladder - ask the project leader to do it. You will probably get into arguments about this but you can handle it as long as you are sure about what your goal is.

  • Goals should be Clear, igniting and timed! Decide to be comfortable that details will be solved in due time.
  • Motivation is key! People will not be motivated by writing another long detailed report with more headings that substance. They will be motivated by being able to impact the outcome, to be able to influence how the work is performed and that they feel the job is meaningful.

Your mission is to set up the project and communicate so that all people are motivated. Now you will have no problem to achieve good results that will surprise you but it will not be comfortable. You will be outside your comfort zone - i.e. where things really grow!

More practical tips are found in “Leadership & Wisdom - How to Motivate Yourself and Others." Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need practical tips for communication, motivation, presentation or information gathering. I am always here for you!

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