Talents and understanding

Some people are good listeners - you might have a problem with their silence. Why don’t they say something? 

Others are really good at holding presentations, telling stories and are great fun - you might be irritated that they don’t listen. 

Others find all the small errors in a report - you are irritated that they don’t produce much, that they are not efficient. 

You might be the fast and productive one - and people are irritated that you don’t get all the details right. 

Well everybody can’t be listening all the time because then there would be nothing to listen to. Everybody can’t be talking at the same time since nobody would be listening. Yet some people are more of one or the other kind. If we would see the good in each person and why the different talents are so valuable in getting things done we would be spending more time being productive and having fun and less time gossiping and complaining.

I have had an interesting week during which I have been reminded about my talent to understand how things are connected and finding the best solution to a problem - quicker than most people. I am often so quick that it scares and people doubt me. I have also met a few people that are so extremely good at digging into details with an impressive patience and they come up with conclusions! The rest of us have gotten totally lost among all the bits and pieces and could never have succeeded with it. And I have met others that are impressively stubborn and stick to their opinion no matter how many times they are proven wrong. Even though I don’t like that attitude it is a talent that can be useful.

All in all we could not accomplish anything if we were all the same. Appreciate your talents and other people’s talents and your differences. You might come up with revolutionary conclusions with such different views.