Meeting? Make it a good one!


Make this week different! If you work in a big company or organization you probably spend a large part, maybe the majority, of your time in meetings especially if you work as a specialist or as a Manager. Research shows that very few meetings are effective and even more seldom do you leave a meeting full of energy. Unfortunately that’s true also if you lead the meeting.

Since you are very busy I will give you the short track to successful meetings. If you think this is too basic I can assure you that these simple tips should have improved most meetings I have attended. I could tell you many stories around point 5-6. This is not in all parts applicable for pure information/lecture:

  1. Be enthusiastic in the invitation and communicate that you look forward to the meeting!

  2. Set up a clear agenda, highlight the goal for the meeting and give a short description of the context! 

  3. Ask all participants to prepare for the meeting (read your material or prepare their questions).

  4. Prepare at least 1 surprise for the meeting. It can be fruit, candy, a story or a different set up in the meeting room. It will change the mindset and create a more positive basis for the next meeting.

  5. Be structured - keep to the agenda and make sure you go through everything you planned. 

  6. Don’t talk too much - big NONO! Leave room for the participants to talk. Why should they otherwise attend?

  7. Use humour - a few laughs will lead to better results and people will be more willing to talk.

  8. Use pictures or illustrations rather than text. I know it can be challenging for you but it will be worth it. People can’t read and listen simultaneously! 

  9. Summarise the meeting, linked to the agenda, and tell the participants what will happen next.

I look forward to attend your next meeting! Since I probably won’t I would love to hear how it went!!