Are you creative? Or do you want to be? I am convinced that creativity is the most important ability to nurture these days. Why? All information (too much…?) is available and the attention span is coming down to a level where it is measured in seconds. To be able to catch people’s attention in seconds we need to be different. But it is also fun to be creative! We live and laugh when we make up crazy, or just very innovative, new ideas. In a party a few weeks ago a friend of mine and my husband decided to launch “sweat pads” for men to avoid the large wet circles that are so obvious in most meetings. We said “yes” and had great fun discussion product name and marketing strategy. To our surprise, my friend found out that the product already exists! There are more creative people out there! Now they only need to be creative enough to make sure these guys that need them also buy them…

Everybody can be creative now and then and most of us can be creative quite often. In most cases, we just don't dare to present our wild and crazy suggestions. Besides the risk of being treated as a bit silly, there are also several myths about creativity that might hinder you.

One myth is that creativity takes place in the right part of the brain so you are either “right-brained” and creative or “left brained” and not. That’s wrong so you can be both logical and creative. In fact, most things we use our brains for, require that we use both halves. 

Another myth is that creativity is instant. That is probably not true in most cases. We think about many things, we put them together and then suddenly when we hear or see the “missing link” our idea pops up but the seeds were planted a while ago. Therefore you don't need to worry about not being creative when you are supposed to be brainstorming and your brain has gone to sleep. Tomorrow or a week from now when you are out walking your idea might visualise. 

Whether you are most creative in group or on your own is discussed a lot. Some are pro one and others the other. The most probable answer it the boring “you need a mix of both”. Use your walks or doing the dishes as your creative moments. And don't set any limits on your creativity - I can assure you that when you think you are totally crazy you can probably find that someone else has already done it or at least tried it. 

Go bananas and I will support you!