Croatia here we come! Blog 2 from "Travel light in Bosnia, Croatia & Venice"

Thinking back and blogging! 

We continued our adventure and enjoyed our beautiful bus ride from Mostar to Croatia. Our destination was Podgora which we did not know anything more about than that it looked amazing from the little information we had. But the bus driver did not remember to stop in the tiny village so we ended up in Makarska. Go there if you want to experience a crowded tourist trap with shops, restaurants, and children’s entertainment. It is not our cup of tea. Luckily we managed to find a room through the third travel agency, expensive but in a very nice building with a quiet courtyard located between the harbor and the beach. Our landlord advised us to go to the island of Brac. Our plan was originally Hvar but we were open to other suggestions. When we found an apartment on Brac, a landlord that was prepared to pick us up, and a boat to take us to Brac it was an easy, and good, decision.



Brac is a beautiful island with quiet villages and crystal clear water! We had not planned to rent a car but it is not easy to travel around Brac by bus if you have limited time. We managed to see most parts of the beautiful island in 3 days with our Smart. A perfectly sized car for steep mountain roads! But I have to admit that I was scared stiff many times. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! 

We loved everything! The water was amazing and each swim was different. Sutivan, Milna, and several of the villages we visited were so quiet, beautiful and friendly. You can read more in the book or contact me if you want more. Of course, we visited Bol and Zlatni Rat as well as Vidova Gora, the highest mountain in the area. We can definitely recommend Brac!

It is great to blog about our last journey now when we are just about to start planning our next journey. The plan is to take our backpacks to Albania and Montenegro but we will see.