Macedonia instead of Albania and Montenegro!

The last journey did not at all become as intended, but so much better! We had planned to go to Albania and Montenegro, both fascinating countries, but found no suitable tickets. We did a quick search and decided to go to Macedonia instead. A great decision! We fell in love with hiking, crystal clear lakes, friendly people, and small beautiful villages where we were the only tourists.  

I am about to publish my third book, “Travel Light in Macedonia.” You will learn more about how to travel with light packing to be flexible and moveable. But on the same time be able to do all the things you love; hike, swim, go to nice restaurants, sleep in nice cool silk sheets, and have entertainment if things don’t work out the way you planned. 


Our trip to Macedonia had a great start, even though we had almost had no sleep before take-off. We covered many sights in friendly Skopje and enjoyed the views from the Millennium Cross at the Vodno mountain. A beautiful journey by train took us to Prilep where we regretted we hadn’t planned to stay for the music festival. And when we stayed in an awful hotel, and almost ended up in deep trouble in Bitola, we regretted it even more. 

But when we did our first real hike in Pelister National Park, with the most fantastic views, there were no more worries. We were hooked on hiking! You might not like stray dogs, but our hiking company was a friendly girl that we were sure would spot any unwanted bears long before we did. After a fantastic hike, up to 2400 meters, we came back down to have a memorable vegetarian meal and a cold beer!