Ban Phe, Thailand

This blog is the last one about our journey in Thailand and Cambodia. I am sure you will find a lot of inspiration in the book if you want to know more about our journey, and how to pack light and flexible. I am just about to publish a book about a journey in Bosnia, Croatia, and Venice. More blogs will follow about that journey, and much more.

After 12 wonderful days, it felt a bit sad to leave Cambodia. We would have loved to spend a week on the islands and beaches outside Koh Kong, but the school holiday was too short. Next time! But it was also a relief to cross the border to Thailand. Everything is easier in Thailand. The border crossing in Hat Lek is small, and there are no scams like in Aranyaprathet, except for the guy that quickly grabbed our bags, but he was so nice and helpful that we gladly paid him. Even though it is a bit tricky to travel in Cambodia, I strongly recommend you visit Angkor Wat, go zip lining over the jungle, swim in the amazing water, and visit some of the peaceful islands.

Not much went as planned on our way to our friends in Ban Phe. That things don't go as planned when traveling is though part of the experience! Our plan was to have lunch in Hat Lek, but we found nothing but a bus stop. When we arrived in Trat, where we had planned to check out the city, the bus station was too far from the city center. But on the other hand, the rain was pouring down, so it was a perfect day to spend on buses. Then our friends didn't find us in the darkness since the bus had left us by the motorway, and not as usually, in the village. But our luck had changed - the rain had stopped! So we took our backpacks and started walking until we manage to find each other. We gladly jumped on their motorbikes. The feeling when entering their beautiful house, and immediately going out for an excellent dinner is indescribable!

The last two days of our journey we spent with our social, and food interested friends. We ate loads of delicious local food, had fantastic drinks on their terrace, swam in the pool, had the best massage, ran into an old friend on the beach, and even went for shopping. Very different from the rest of the journey but the best journeys are those where we have the opportunity to do many different things during the journey. We summarize our journey as one of our best! Can't wait for the next trip to Asia.