Angkor Wat


What a feeling to wake up knowing that we were heading towards the temples! The ticket booth is not on the way to the temples, so plan for the detour. We hadn’t so we had an early morning. Off to the ticket booth and back to the hotel for the pick up with a minibus for my adventurous daughter’s zip lining. I took a tuk-tuk to the temples. We had an amazing day, but we suggest you choose your driver more carefully than we did. The temples are high and mighty. A lot of climbing means excellent views. Good shoes, water, and something on the head will make your day. Have clothes or sarongs to cover shoulders and knees when you enter the temples.

Day 2 we wanted an even better day, so we rented bikes. That was absolutely perfect! Slow enough to enjoy the air, smells and, sounds. Total freedom to decide what temples to visit. And the possibility to find the small and seldom visited temples that they don’t include in the ”small” or ”big” tour. The finale at Angkor Wat was such a magical experience. Put it on your bucket list if it’s not already there.


After climbing, walking, and biking we needed massage which is available everywhere in the bustling Siem Reap. You can find everything you ever considered buying or eating there. Crocodile handbag? Grilled scorpions or big hairy spiders? Fine dining? Cheap drinks? Siem Reap felt busier than Bangkok so you will not get bored, but don’t expect a quiet evening.