Leaving Phnom Penh without looking back! We met a nice German couple on the bus to Sihanoukville, and since we had no place to stay, we went with them to Otres where they had booked a bungalow in the middle of nowhere. The staff suffered from a hangover and had skipped work, so the place was empty. Not really – I forgot to mention the mosquitos. Luckily, we had, by mistake, overpaid our driver, a perfect mistake since he had to search most of Otres to find any vacancies. We forgot all of that when we sat on the white sandy beach, swam in the fantastic water, and strolled along the beach until we found Mickey who took us to paradise by a small wooden boat! 


Time stopped when we arrived at Koh Ta Kiev. The sandy beach was long and white. The water was warm and crystal clear. The jungle was beautiful, and there were not many people on the island. We stayed in a large bungalow a few meters from the long, white, and almost empty beach. There was no running water or electricity on the island except during 4 hours in the evening, but we managed by having a well-planned packing, for example, a power bank to charge in the only power outlet available. It was a friendly, safe, and relaxed atmosphere on the island. We slept in a large bed on our terrace, in our lovely silk sheets, and enjoyed the quietness while the cows kept us company. 

Suddenly we heard loud singing in the night. We were sure the guests at Tree House had been smoking too much. We had noted we could buy readymade joints in the bar, so we decided to use the headset as earplugs and sleep anyway. It turned out to be the Cambodian navy having training on the island that had been drinking too much Khmer Whiskey. 

The 3 days on the island went too fast while we walked, swam, and enjoyed our WI-FI fast. I hope you visit Koh Ta Kiev before the Chinese developers destroy this paradise. They have been planning for a while, but the island is still almost untouched.