This time last year I was in Angkor Wat!

Last year at this very day me and my daughter were climbing trees and temples in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Now I summarise the year and conclude that I have managed to publish a book about our journey - Travel Light in Cambodia & Thailand. Why do I write books and blog about our travels? I have through traveling all over the world with my daughters, my partner, and with friends learned that me and my daughters experience a lot in a relatively short time (2-3 weeks). We have less luggage to carry than most people, but can still go snorkeling, climb mountains, sleep in tents, and eat at nice restaurants. And we always stay friends during our adventurous journeys. 

Before our trip to Thailand and Cambodia, we planned a little more than usual since our journey covered large distances. Below you find the map of our route. We read books and blogs. We talked to friends and asked questions on social media.


The journey started in Bangkok with commuting by boat, visiting temples, shopping at Khao San Road and checking out the train timetable at Hua Lampong before taking the train to Cambodia.