We left the winter in Sweden and arrived in a hot and welcoming Bangkok. I had been to Bangkok twice before, but it was the first visit for my daughter, so we had decided to spend 2 days there. That might sound a bit short for some of you, but we had planned so much for our journey and decided that there is a lot to experience in Bangkok, but not as much as in Angkor Wat, and it's not as beautiful as the Cambodian Islands. And we also wanted to have time to visit our friends in Ban Phe on our way back from Cambodia.  

The hotel, Bangkok Centre, was a positive surprise! We had chosen it for the location by the train station, so the standard, the service, and the beautiful pool were all bonuses. We had planned to take the riverboat to China Town but got lost, so we had a long walk instead. I definitely recommend walking in Bangkok! It is lovely to stroll through China Town, feel the sents, listen to the bustling city, and find the small local restaurants where they serve tasty food from open pots. 

Finally, we found the riverboat which we believe is the best way to travel in Bangkok when it's to far to walk. Some tried to trick us and some almost succeeded, but only almost. Our highlights were the riverboats, Declining Buddha, Khao San Road, and the flower market in China Town. When we left our hotel at 5 in the morning, we concluded that the first part of our journey had been great. Cambodia, here we come!