Passion for traveling!


What is your passion? One of mine is to travel around the world. I have soon visited 60 countries, so I have plenty more to see. Why do I write books about traveling? Isn’t it enough with pictures and short posts? I want to inspire you to experience much more on each journey you make. And since I love to live a decluttered life, I always travel with a light bag, or backpack. Most people I meet on my journeys carry much more stuff, and me and my daughters still manage to go trecking, climbing, snorkeling, fine dining, make a dull room cozy, have books to read and listen to, and much more. In my books, you can follow our journeys, get loads of practical information, and tips, and learn how to travel safely on your own, or with children. 

I published my latest book yesterday, so I am tired after weeks of hard work, but happy that it is out there to inspire you.

The book is about our journey in Bosnia, Croatia, and Venice. An unplanned journey that turned out to be one of our best. We went on challenging tours through hairpin curves in the mountains. Either with a professional driver that refused to let me take a picture of his driver's license or in a rented Smart. Since we love to swim in crystal clear water, we chose our islands carefully. As always, we wanted to see as much as possible during our 14 days journey, so we made some bad choices. Luckily the finale in Venice was amazing! After 40 000 steps, plenty of boat tours on the canals, amazing dinners, and late nights on the quaysides we did not want to leave the heat for our chilly home country. 

Now I will take a few days off to travel in the countryside. I will take long walks, listen to the birds, smell the forest, and be happy that I reached one of my goals. I published 3 books, in 2 languages, in 1 year!

Happy Easter!