Leadership and Wisdom


Are you wise? 

Yes... and probably wiser than you Think.

This book contains the precise wisdom you can use to motivate yourself and others to achieve more and better while enjoying it. With these tools, you can use and develop what you already intuitively know.

Core business and innovation, as well as organizational changes, are projects where leadership is more than challenging. Wisely encourage your employees' motivation and passion for what you want to accomplish!

In Leadership and Wisdom, the author presents practical tools to attain better results regardless of your position. If you are a business owner, leader, or affected otherwise by projects or changes, you will benefit from studying these tools. Learn how to identify the key to getting people’s attention. Create meetings and presentations that are more engaging by basing them on people’s most important driving forces. Learn to handle obstacles and adversities.

Last but not least, you will find tips on how to become better at managing your attitude and your mood, setting the right tone for the work environment around you.