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Why be jammed

A blog about projects, leadership and change. Do you want to know how do you manage projects with good results when internal and external requirements are adding up faster and faster? And at the same time, keep employees motivated and committed instead of exhausted? Then this blog is for you. You will find tips about setting goals, making engaging presentations, telling stories that engage, document in a concise way and, above all, to communicate. To listen, give feedback and learn from each other.


Travel and live lighter

Life is more than work and less is more! Do you love traveling? Or do you love to develop yourself? This blog is about making physical and inner journeys. Travel with a light, well-planned, packing, dare to have a flexible plan and dare to leave your comfort zone. That is where you will have the most interesting experiences and meet the most interesting places and people. In this blog you will find a lot of travel tips in addition to travel stories. For your inner journey, the blog also includes tips on decluttering things and commitments to create the home, the you, the relationships and the life you want to have.